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Choosing Your References - Shared screen with speaker view
SAIC Annalise Castro (she/her)
if you think of questions during the presentation, use the Q&A section for us to address at the end!
SAIC 'Q' (he/him)
Hi Dalia, please include your question in the Q&A, thanks!
SAIC Noelle Rose (she/her)
HI all, please make sure to put all questions in the Q&A
SAIC 'Q' (he/him)
Hi everyone, please copy your questions into the Q&A to be answered at the end!
SAIC Shomara Roosblad
I started in September asking for recommendations, so they had a few months to work on it and I had some time to send reminders
SAIC Annalise Castro (she/her)
Similar to what Shomara said, I started asking references in October and my application deadlines were in January. I also made sure to tell the references that I was applying to multiple schools so they understood that they were committing to writing/submitting letters to more than one school. That way they had a lot of time to plan/write and I stayed in communication with them over the months to give them several reminders of due dates.
SAIC Annalise Castro (she/her)
Hi Sidarth, if something was unclear can you put another question in the Q&A section to make sure we go over it again?
SAIC Katie Batten (she/her)
Hi Sidharth, I think that each situation is a little different, it is going to be very specific to your position/employer and the program you are applying for. If you are working say, as a designer, teacher, editor, fabricator… you might have a very appropriate employer to write a letter that could reflect how you would perform as a grad student. Hourly positions, and supervisors from those positions might not be as relevant. For example, and this is speaking entirely from my own experience, prior to grad school, I was working in the restaurant industry as a server, when applying to painting programs, my employer was not an appropriate reference so I chose academic references
SAIC Annalise Castro (she/her)
MA Art Therapy Counseling questions can reach out to me acastro3@saic.edu
SAIC Katie Batten (she/her)
SAIC Shomara Roosblad
Good luck everyone!